Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Georgia Football Monument Must Go, Atheists Demand

The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation told the Madison County High School in Danielsville, Georgia that a newly donated granite monument with Bible verses, placed near the football field, is unconstitutional.  Also the American Humanist Association has given the school a two-week demand that the monument either be defaced or removed entirely, otherwise they'll sue. Local residents overwhelmingly support the monument, but initial comments from school superintendent Allen McCannon have been vague.
“If God be for us who can be against us.”
“I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me.”
-- Monument inscriptions
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-- From "Raiders cap off day of controversy with convincing win" by Dallas Bordon, Madison Journal 9/30/14

A day clouded with controversy surrounding the newly constructed Red Raider monument at the football field house ended in victory on the gridiron as the Madison County defeated Monroe Area 19-6 Friday.

The Madison County school system has been asked by two secular organizations to take down the new monument because of Bible verses engraved on the structure. Quarterback Ethan South summed up the day of controversy following the win.

“Coach (Chris) Smith talked about it before the game and said there’s really nothing we can do about it right now,” South said. “We just came out and played our type of football and no matter what happens we give God glory. Statue or not, he’s still God.”

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From "Madison Co. school under fire about religious quotes on statue" by Wayne Ford, Athens Banner Herald 10/1/14

The content of the [atheists' threatening] letters has not been discussed with the county Board of Education members, although McCannon said he had tried to reach out to members by telephone.

The next regular board meeting is set for Oct. 14, but the board could have an earlier called meeting to discuss the issue, McCannon said.

“I’m in the process of contacting them and seeing what they are going to do,” he said.

However, McCannon said the school board’s attorney is also reviewing the matter.

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From "Bible verse questioned on new football field monument" posted at WSB-TV2 (Atlanta, GA) 9/29/14

The monument was donated with private money to inspire the football team at Madison County High School.

Just across the street a banner in support of the monument shows how the controversy has stirred up parents.

"This whole thing was started by one person who will not come forward and name who he is,” [parent Kim] Shupe said.

. . . The group of parents claim that the majority of the community supports their side to keep the monument just the way it is.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Liberal Clergy Praise 'Compassionate Abortions'

Seminarian Rev. Harry Knox, appointed by President Obama to lead "people of faith," and Rev. Dr. Alethea Smith-Withers, leader of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC), wrote yesterday in the Washington Post that most Christian Americans support abortion because it's "compassionate" to murder unborn children.

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-- From "Reverends like us should never oppose access to abortion or sex ed" by Harry Knox and Alethea Smith-Withers, Washington Post 9/29/14

For too long, the shouting of a few strident voices has closed off the space for nuanced and empathetic conversation. There is no monolithic religious opinion about contraception, abortion, or sex education. Decisions about reproduction are morally complex. And clergy do not always use Bible verses as political weapons — a misrepresentation too often promoted in the media. The wisdom found in our faith traditions is rich, nuanced, and rarely absolute. Here is the good news: Most people of faith in the United States support access to compassionate abortion care.

Our faith is what compels us today to speak out for access to comprehensive sexuality education in schools so that young people are provided with information and tools to make informed decisions and protect their sexual health. It is why we push for affordable access to contraception — because we know that it is better for children and families when a woman can plan and space her pregnancies. And it is why we absolutely believe that every woman should have the ability to make her own decision on whether and when to raise a child. Her health insurance should honor the full spectrum of care that she might need, including abortion.

There are some politicians who do not want abortion to be legal and use the mantle of religion to demand legislation that would close clinics or withhold insurance coverage, making care unaffordable. This is wrong. It is not our place to impose our religious beliefs on others, and it is certainly not the place of a politician. . . .

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From "Pro-Abortion Pastors: Christians Shouldn’t Oppose Abortion" by Sarah Zagorski, 9/29/14

. . . these reverends are saying that there isn’t a large body within the religious community that opposes abortion. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. For starters, the Catholic Church, which is comprised of over 1.1 billion people, has always been adamantly pro-life.

In 2013, Pope Francis reiterated the fact that the Catholic Church will never compromise on their opposition against abortion. He said, “I want to be completely honest in this regard. This is not something subject to alleged reforms or ‘modernizations’. It is not “progressive” to try to resolve problems by eliminating a human life.”

Additionally, according to a 2013 Washington Post/ABC Poll, 59% of born again evangelical Christians agree that abortion should be illegal in all or most cases. And only eight percent of evangelical Protestants believe abortion should be legal in all cases.

Now, with that said, it’s important to mention that within mainstream Christian denominations, especially United Presbyterians, Methodists, and Episcopalians, there are some who support abortion rights. But the fact of the matter is, they are in the minority.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Pediatricians Push IUDs, Implants on Teen Girls

The liberals' war on the birth rate has expanded as the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a policy urging doctors to convince their teenage female patients to accept intrauterine devices or hormone implants to enable a childhood of carefree sex with their teen lovers, and avoid pregnancy from the all-too-common occurrences of statutory rape.

"All methods of hormonal birth control are safer than pregnancy."
-- Dr. Mary Ott, Indiana University (lead author for Academy policy)

Thus, the pediatricians are saying that it's better NOT to become pregnant, at any age, apparently.

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-- From "What's the best birth control for teens?" by NBC NEWS - WFLA-TV8 (Tampa, FL) 9/29/14

The best birth control to offer teenage girls is an implantable rod, followed by an IUD, pediatricians say in new guidance. It may seem odd to think of a pediatrician prescribing birth control, but it makes perfect sense, the American Academy of Pediatrics says in new guidance. “Adolescents consider pediatricians and other health care providers a highly trusted source of sexual health information,” the new guidance reads. Pediatricians typically see their patients well into their teens and often into their early 20s, by which time most people have had sex at least once.

. . . data also show that teenagers almost always ignore abstinence advice and their own promises.

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From "Pediatricians Urge IUDs or Implants for Teen Girls" by Lindsey Tanner, Associated Press 9/29/14

Teen girls who have sex should use IUDs or hormonal implants — long-acting birth control methods that are effective, safe and easy to use, the nation's most influential pediatricians' group recommends.

IUDs and hormonal implants cost more, usually hundreds of dollars, because inserting them involves a medical procedure typically done in doctors' offices. But they're less expensive in the long run than over-the-counter condoms or prescription birth control pills, said Dr. Mary Ott, an adolescent medicine specialist and associate pediatrics professor at Indiana University. She is the policy statement's lead author.

Teens have to remember to use pills and condoms consistently. By contrast, IUDs typically work for three to 10 years after insertion, while implants typically last three years.

. . . hormonal patches may be less effective in girls weighing more than 198 pounds, the policy says.

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From "Word To Pediatricians: IUDs And Implants Top Choices For Teen Birth Control" by Veronica Thomas, WBUR-FM NPR (Boston, Mass.) 9/29/14

Because IUDs and implants don’t rely on any action from the user, they’re a particularly good fit for teens, says Heather Boonstra, Director of Public Policy at the Guttmacher Institute.

“It’s sort of a set-and-forget method,” she says. Once inserted by a trained professional, an implant or IUD can last from three to ten years, and will be over 99 percent effective. The implant is a matchstick-sized rod inserted in the upper arm; the IUD is a small, T-shaped device placed into the uterus.

Their use has been rising for years in the general population. From 2002 to 2009, implant and IUD use nearly doubled among women overall. But while use of these long-acting methods has also been increasing among teens, less than five percent of all teen contraceptive users currently choose them.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Refusing Sex is 'Sexual Violence:' Univ. Michigan

Institutions of "higher learning" across America are scrambling to climb onboard President Obama's election-season declaration of war against unwanted sex on college campuses.  These are the same institutions that advance every imaginable kind of sexual immorality (a.k.a. sexual freedom) that is rampant among teens and young adults — a result of the public education industry's sexual training programs from kindergarten through college.

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-- From "University of Michigan Declares ‘WITHHOLDING SEX’ Is ‘Sexual Violence’" by Eric Owens, Education Editor, The Daily Caller 9/26/14

Last week, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden stood side by side to announce a new administration initiative to combat sexual assault on college campuses.

The Obama administration’s anti-sexual assault campaign, dubbed “It’s On Us,” is being conducted in collaboration with over 200 universities around the country, as well as groups such as the NCAA and even the video game company Electronic Arts.

Students who take an “It’s On Us” pledge are asked to change their profile pictures on social media outlets to the campaign’s logo and to supply their emails and ZIP codes to the campaign. Those who participate will have their information forwarded to the Center for American Progress, a leftwing think tank with significant ties to the Obama administration.

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From "‘Withholding Sex’ Now Considered ‘Sexual Violence’ at U of M" by Katherine Timpf, National Review Online 9/26/14

The University of Michigan has released a list of relationship behaviors that it considers violent and abusive — including “withholding sex.”

“Discounting the partner’s feelings regarding sex,” “criticizing the partner sexually,” and “having sex with other people” are also examples of “sexual violence,” according to the list.

The school also offers definitions of domestic abuse. Under the section for “verbal or psychological abuse,” it states that not only is “insulting the partner” considered “abuse,” so is “ignoring the partner’s feelings.”

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From "University of Michigan: Withholding Sex, Discounting Feelings are ‘Sexual Violence’" by Derek Draplin, The College Fix 9/25/14

The terms, found under the heading “definitions,” also suggest verbal or psychological abuse include: “insulting the partner; ignoring the partner’s feelings; withholding approval as a form of punishment; yelling at the partner; labeling the partner with terms like crazy [and] stupid.”

Janet Bloomfield, social media director for “A Voice For Men,” an activist group that counters feminist extremism and misandry, took aim at these University of Michigan examples, first on her Twitter account over the summer and more recently in an email to The College Fix.tweet

“These kinds of policies contribute to an increasing level of sexual misconduct hysteria and essentially create a chilling climate for young men,” Bloomfield said. “When things like ‘withholding sex’ and ‘ignoring a partner’s feelings’ are framed as a pattern of behavior that is abusive, they are not only pathologizing normal relationship behaviors, but they are opening the door for vindictive or spurned partners to make allegations that can have profound effects for the accused. . . . I am unaware of a single case in which the accused student is a woman and the victim is a man.”

The University of Chicago, on its website, defines an abuser as someone who “has a strong belief in extreme gender roles” and “is jealous and possessive” among more typical forms of abuse listed.

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Most Americans Support Prayer in School: Poll

According to a new Gallup poll, a solid 61% of Americans support daily, spoken prayer in public schools, and fully three-quarters of Americans support prayer at graduation ceremonies.  77% say they favor after-hours school usage for religious activities.

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-- From "Poll: Public Broadly Supportive Of School Prayer" by Blake Neff, Daily Caller 9/25/14

. . . Those numbers have only dipped slightly since 1999, when 70 percent of adults supported school prayer, 83 percent supported religious components of graduations, and 78 percent wanted school facilities to be open to religious groups.

Unsurprisingly support varied based on respondents’ personal religious activities, though many of the non-religious favored allowing religious expression in school. For example, 89 percent of Protestant Christians supported allowing official prayers at graduation, but so did 44 percent of those with no religion and 35 percent of those with no religion supported daily classroom prayer.

Significant gaps existed not just between Christians and the non-religious, but also among different Christian groups, with Catholics much less likely to support religious expression in public schools. In fact, Catholics were less likely than the non-religious to support opening public school facilities to religious groups after school, with 66 percent backing such a policy compared to 69 percent of the non-religious.

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From "In U.S., Support for Daily Prayer in Schools Dips Slightly" by Rebecca Riffkin, Gallup 9/25/14

Republicans in the U.S. are significantly more religious than other Americans, so it follows that Republicans are considerably more likely to favor each proposal on religion in schools than are independents or, in particular, Democrats. A large majority of Republicans favor these proposals, with at least 80% supporting all three. Independents also support the various proposals on religion in schools, but to a lesser extent than Republicans do. A majority of Democrats do not support daily school prayers (45%), but a majority do support graduation prayers (65%) and using school facilities for student religious groups (76%).

The decline in Americans' overall support for daily prayer in school over time is driven, in part, by a dip in support among Democrats. In 2000, 67% of Democrats supported this idea. This dropped to 59% in 2001 and fell to 45% by 2014. Meanwhile, support among Republicans has stayed consistent, and independents' support increased slightly.

Religion continues to be important to many Americans. The vast majority of Americans identify with a religion, a majority of Americans say religion can solve today's problems, and three in four Americans see the Bible as the actual or inspired word of God.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Arizona Schools Ban Christian Football Coaches

Public school districts in Arizona have fired and suspended football coaches for allowing and/or encouraging students to initiate prayer, and the schools subsequently forbid them entrance to school grounds. Gary Weiss was fired by Catalina Foothills High School in Tucson, AZ for refusing to tell football players to stop praying, and Tom Brittain was suspended for two games for being present while football players prayed at Tempe Preparatory Academy, a public charter school in Tempe, AZ.

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-- From "High School Football Coach Claims He Was Fired For Letting His Players Pray" posted at (CBS News Las Vegas) 9/17/14

[Gary Weiss said] he was instructed before a game to tell his players to stop praying.

He said the reason he is out of a job is because he refused.

He showed up to practice today but was asked to leave.

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From "Football coach claims he was fired for not stopping players from praying before games" posted at Sun News 9/17/14

District superintendent Dr. Mary Kamerzell told KVOA, "nothing limits the authority of the school/district to maintain order and discipline on school premises, to protect the well-being of students, and to assure that participation in such an activity is voluntary on the part of student."

On defense, Weiss said, "no other adult in the freshmen program led the kids in prayer. The prayers of the freshmen team have been recited by Muslim kids, Jewish kids, and Christian kids."

Students on Twitter stood up for their former coach. Ryan Penny tweeted, "Wow, can't believe a school would do this. My prayers go out to one of my former coaches, Gary Weiss."

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From "Arizona high school football coach suspended for praying with team" posted at KPHO-TV5 CBS (Phoenix, AZ) 9/20/14

A Valley football coach was ordered to stay away from the field on Friday night while his team played their homecoming game, and he won't be at next week's game either.

The headmaster said it all boils down to protecting separation of church and state.

"He is a man who likes to pray and I don't object to that," said TPA headmaster Dr. David Baum. "Just, he can't do that with our students. That's the only prohibition."

"He (Brittain) directed students to lead a prayer and he joined the students in that prayer and did so in view of everyone," said Baum. "I think I preserved the religious freedom of our students, who have to have the liberty to be able to practice or not practice their religion on our campus, without interference by adults."

But, some students and parents disagree.

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From "High-school coach gets suspended for praying?" by Paul Eppinger, The Arizona Republic 9/24/14

Any coach who joins his players in the fervor and excitement of a victory and joins them in prayer is leading them to these higher values. And now, coach Tommy Brittain is being suspended for seeking to lead his boys to these higher values.

Is this real?

Yes, he had signed a contract not to promote a specific religion, but is praying promoting a specific religion?

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

California School Bans Books by Christian Authors

The superintendent of Springs Charter Schools in Temecula, CA has confirmed that this public school's library will not include any book written by a Christian.
“It is alarming that a school library would attempt to purge books from religious authors. Indeed, some of the greatest literature of Western Civilization comes from people of faith. Are they going to ban the sermons or speeches of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? What about the Declaration of Independence that invokes the laws of nature and nature’s God?”
-- Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute (PJI)
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-- From "California charter school pulls Christian books, authors from their shelves" by Kaye Wonderhouse, The Global Dispatch

The superintendent of Springs Charter School Kathleen Hermsmeyer replied to a cease-and-desist letter from PJI lawyer Michael Peffer: “We do not allow sectarian materials on our state-authorized lending shelves.”

The school, which is stated to be “created and operated by parents” according to its “Vision and Mission” page on its website, also outlines, “We value parent choice and involvement, using the community as the classroom, fostering a child’s innate creativity, collaborating to achieve goals, building relationships, and personalizing learning.”

PJI says that they were contacted by a concerned parent whose children attend the school, who noted that books such as The Hiding Place, written by Holocaust survivor Corrie ten Boom, were being removed from the shelves.

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From "School accused of 'purging' Christian books" by Todd Starnes, 9/23/14

“[The parent] was told by one of the library attendants that the library has been instructed to remove all books with a Christian message, authored by Christians, or published by a Christian publishing company,” read a letter PJI sent to the public charter school. “The attendant advised that the library would no longer be carrying those books. Indeed, our client was told that the library was giving those books away, and she actually took some.”

Dacus said the charter school must reverse “their ill-conceived and illegal book-banning policy.” If they fail to do so, he said, PJI is prepared to take further legal action.

Pacific Justice Institute said the charter school has violated the First Amendment. They cited a 1982 Supreme Court ruling that said “local school boards may not remove books from school library shelves simply because they dislike the ideas contained in those books and seek by their removal to ‘prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion.’” If you’d like to read the entire case – it’s “Board of Education, Island Trees Union Free School District No. 26 v. Pico.”

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